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New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Time

Created on Wednesday, 20 April 2011. Posted in News/O.K. Latest

... time. We hope you'll enjoy it as we did recording it, keep on rocking! :) Obsidian Key PT3M35S. Track Info: Title:  Time Author:  Sonic V Copyright:  Obsidian ...

Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater

Created on Friday, 10 September 2010. Posted in News/Latest

News of the day: Mike Portnoy leaving Dream Theater...  Sonic comments on this news that seems to be so shocking for so many Dream Theater fans...We all take decisions we feel right for us ...

Sonic V

Created on Thursday, 01 July 2010. Posted in The Band/Biography and members' info

Paolo Zaino (in art Sonic V) is the guitar player and lead vocal of the band Obsidian Key. He played in different bands before and different musical genres. His musical influences goes from Rock ...

Obsidian Key Biography

Created on Sunday, 27 June 2010. Posted in The Band/Biography and members' info

Obsidian Key is a Progressive Rock Metal music band project that was formed in Brighton (UK) during January 2010 by multi-instrumentalist Sonic V after he put together some material for his solo-project. ...

About Obsidian Key

Created on Sunday, 27 June 2010. Posted in The Band/Biography and members' info

... Obsidian Key's songs. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to live our life the way we feel it is right for us and freedom to stand behind our choices instead of a - social conformalism." - Sonic VWe ...

LOUD! mixing down is finally over!

Created on Saturday, 08 November 2014. Posted in Blogs

After being working on writing tracks for the debut album LOUD! and have been recording all the parts and revisited what I didn’t like the final mixing down phase has been started and it’s ...

Time – A philosophical dimension of human brain

Created on Thursday, 02 January 2014. Posted in Blogs

... a wonderful 2014 and keep in touch for the next sneak peak into what crazy stuff is going on in the dark, magic, proggy world of Obsidian Key project! – Sonic ...


Created on Monday, 22 October 2012. Posted in Blogs

Obsidian Key is a progressive rock metal music band project that was formed in Brighton, UK during January 2010 by guitarist Sonic V. Obsidian Key music style is Progressive Rock (but a better definition ...


Created on Saturday, 26 June 2010. Posted in Profiles

Name: Sonic V Username: sonic MySpace: sonic-v FaceBook: SonicV.Music Linkedin: sonicv Wordpress: sonicvblog  ...

HyperSonic City

Created on Sunday, 09 July 2017. Posted in Web Links / General web links

HyperSonic City Music Label ...

Obsidian Key Management

Created on . Posted in Contact / Contacts

... thanks. (4) For any enquiry regarding Sonic V or if you want to contact him directly please use: (there is a contant-me form there to contact Sonic directly). This module is ONLY ...