Featured Artists

A list of amazing artists who collaborate with Obsidian Key's project:


Paul Andrews ( Shotgun Risk ) - Co-Lead Vocals in "The Key of Netherworld", Back Vocals in "Time", "A Gift of Wings", "Videotomized" and "Empire of Madness"

Glo Harmonee ( Glo-Harmonee ) - Singer and back vocalist in "Bleeding Romance", "Empire of Madness", "It Will Never Fade" and "Time"

Hauron Kherty ( HADES-LAB ) - Death Metal voice in "Empire Of Madness", Back Vocals in "The Key of Netherworld"

Hebe Jones ( Hebe Jones ) - Gospel Lead voice and Back Vocals in "A Gift of Wings"

Stef Coburn ( Stef-Coburn ) - Renfield voice on "Bleeding Romance"

Martin Kurgan - Van Heltsing voice on "Bleeding Romance"


Marco Avellone - on "It Will Never Fade" track

Tomek Wright - on some early demo track.

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