LOUD! Album featured on Prog Metal Zone June 2015!

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Obsidian Key did it again! New review for LOUD! This time on Prog Metal Zone June 2015, here is the quickie for ya: "Progressive Metal (debut prog metal album by this UK solo artist that has a strong old-school metal vibe with plenty of macho aggession and some excellent guitar shredding.)"

Check it out here!

LOUD! Review on Headbang reviews!!

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Here we go another good review for LOUD! album, this time on headbang-reviews, check it out!

"I am soooooo happy that so many people around the world likes LOUD! so much, I have been working so hard for it and it has been such an intense time of my life that it's amazing to see so many positive feedbacks!" - Sonic V

Click here to read the review.

LostInBrighton radio show with Obsidian Key!

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Tonight (31 March 2015), from UK time 9:00pm till 10:00pm (21:00 till 22:00) Obsidian Key on LostInBrighton radio show (radioreverb), lots of tracks from the new album "LOUD!" and chat with the guys at the radio! If you are in the UK set your radio on 97.2fm, if you are everywhere else in the world then click here and then click 'listen live' in the top right corner of radioreverb page!

LOUD! review on Metal Imperium Magazine

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For all our Portuguese speaking friends here there is a review of new album "LOUD!" in Portuguese from Metal Imperium Magazine Online! I have got lucky again and they gave LOUD! a 7 out of 10! Thanks very much to Mr. Fernando Ferreira for his time and review and to all the crew at Metal Imperium, enjoy the reading folks and does anyone can send me an English translation please?!?!? :)

Here is the review article.

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Progressive Rock Metal music band project with wide range of sonorities that goes from Metal till Pop with Classical, Jazz Fusion and Symphonic influences all glued together by progressive rock structures and compositions.

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