09 - Bleeding Romance

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Music: Sonic V / Lyrics: Sonic V
First Released: 2012

"The blood is the life!

 The blood is the life!

  I'm the Prince of human fears
  Lord of a world where there's no light

  I've traveled across time
  Feeding myself in the night

  But tonight I have seen you again
  memory from my past human life
  I've no heart, but you're still inside of me
  And the pain has started again

  In your eyes I still see her light
  shining as she is back to life

  Her death became my damnation
  And your heart is now my salvation

  And the passion that runs in your veins
  burns me like the sun's flames
  The love that shines from your eyes
  has caught me I can't deny

 Vlad & Mina:
  You are my Innermost Desire…
   - I'll not lose you this time…
  You are my Innermost Desire…
   - And now you're back on my way
  You are my Innermost Desire…
   - I'll give you eternity
  I want you more than life itself…
   - What is life anyway...

      Jonathan: Doctor, she looks very ill…
 Van Helsing: She is not ill. HE is here and he wants her, this… is his curse!

        Renfield: The master will come, and he has promised to make me immortal!
      Jonathan: We need to find him…
 Van Helsing: We must find him before it is too late!

  I feel like I've known you forever
  and I don't know why

  Yes, we've always been together
  In the eternity of our love

  I don't know where you are now
  My heart is bleeding from the pain

  But there's something in your eyes
  I don't understand
  With my love for you I feel the fear

  This is my nature now
  no one can do anything
  but you can join me in my eternity

  What is eternity without love
  What is life anyway
  I can't feel your heart
  You can't feel my pain
  And there's no light in your reign

 Vlad & Mina:
  I don't want to be here
  I don't want to feel this
  coldness in my soul.
  I want to feel the sunshine of love
  running through my veins!
  running through my veins!
  running through my...

 Renfield: Master we have to leave the sun is rising…"

This song was freely inspired by the original Bram Stoker's Dracula book, it is not related or connected to the author or the publishing company in any way, nor it represents a violation of respective copyrights.

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