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Obsidian Key LOUD! 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, is with big pleasure that we announce that LOUD! is finally available for digital download world-wide!

From today you can grab your copy of LOUD! from your favorite digital music shop on-line.

Once again thanks to everyone who helped us to release our first album and, most of all, thanks to all of you who has been so supportive during all this time!


"During the making of this first album for Obsidian Key project I had to experience a lot of strong things from life at a personal level, so it has been a long and complex journey, but it has been a journey also rich of incredible new experiences and totally worth the effort." - Sonic V

LOUD! Is a 10 track album for a total of about 56 minutes of music that span from Heavy Metal till more progressive, surreal and epic atomsheres. It also contains 3 absolutely beautiful ballads: "Where Are You Now", "A Gift of Wings" and "It Will Never Fade" as well as great guitar solos, extended compositions, instrumental and, obviously, a lot of prog rock metal! ;)

You can download or preview your copy of LOUD! from the following digital music distributors:

  1. Apple iTunes
  2. Amazon.com (or any local amazon on-line shops!)
  3. Google Music Store
  4. CD Baby music store

Album Info:
 Obsidian Key
Executed by:
 Obsidian Key
Number of Tracks:
 Progressive RockProgressive MetalSymphonic RockArt RockFree Rock

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to all the featured artists (in Alphabetical order): Paul Andrews, Marco Avellone, Steff Corbun, Glo Harmonee, Hebe Morwenna, Hauron Kurthy, Kurgan and Tom Wright.

Also special thanks to Valeriano Anastasi (for his precious consultacy during the making of the album), Fran Duncan and Marco Avellone (for graphic works), Paul Andrews (for his amazing work during the final phases of the making of LOUD!)

And a final note to you:

Thank you very very much for your support over all this time, it really means a lot to us! We really hope you'll enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Also don't forget that each copy you buy of this album will help us to improve our sound and equipment so that we'll be able to deliver an even better work on the next chapter, so don't forget to buy your copy please, we really need your help and together make this Obsidian Key eperience even bigger and better!

So, with all our heart, thank you and see you on the next chapter!

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