New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Time

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New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Time 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes.

Time Cover Art (c) Obsidian Key
Last night, after a bit of troubles with various social networks music upload systems, we released a new promo from the forthcoming album "LOUD!" called Time, a funny surreal Progressive Rock song about time. We hope you'll enjoy it as we did recording it, keep on rocking! :)

Obsidian Key PT3M35S

Track Info:
 Obsidian Key
Executed by:
 Obsidian Key
 Progressive RockProgressive MetalArt RockFree Rock
From Album:

Irriverent track about relations between modern life and concept of time.

Here you can hear the track (and comment it if you have a soundcloud account!):

Crowd Reviews


“There are an interesting use of vocals in this piece which shows that this is more than just a piece of music. This track is unique and would make a good soundtrack to a theatre show or a film. It sounds like a rocky pop track with a constant skilled beat to accompany. This is a cool piece of music which is how I can best describe it.”

“great intro. song is completely original. not a very melodic song, doesn't make me bob my head. The guitar is great addition to the song. The lyrics don't seem to say anything in particular. Half way song speeds up, the guitar solo is a good touch.”

“There is a diverse range of instruments used in this songs. Very early on one instrument is added one after the other giving an old school grudge feel. The lyrics are sparse and their vocals seem elongated. The use of drums and electro makes it quite energetic and gives a pleasing harmony.”

“I love the drums, and the funky guitar.It has a nice dissonant melody, and the vocalists' screaming voice echoing 80's rockers goes quite well to set the mood. The harmony is quite eerie but pleasant to my ears. It may be marketable, but either way I like it. The vocalist shows he can hit the high notes. Very nice arrangement. I especially like the breakdown/bass line. The guitar solo is not too extensive that it takes away from the song, but rather adds character. I give it an 8.”

“I do not like the talking that begins the song, it seems really creepy and weird to me. I do like the vocals a lot though. The lyrics are also very cool and relevant. I really like the guitar solo near the end of the song too. It was a very nice addition to the track.”

“This is a great song! I would listen to this when I'm drawing! I like this song very awesome beat and the guitar and drums make the song perfect! I rate this a 5 because of the great beat and lyrics! I bet people would dance to this or even sing to this if they like rock! Rock is one of my favorite genre and this totally went on the top of my list! Good song!”

“The vocals remind of of a male Janis Joplin with less passion and raw emotion. I just wish the vocals were a little more distinct. If you're a fan on 70's Metal this is for you. I love the bass solo and the synthesizer.”

“Good introduction. A classic rock track here. Very easy to remember this one, such good melody in here. The lead has a voice that you will recall often and look for. The beat makes you want to move and play your air guitar. The guitar is holding things down here.”

“The intro is "scary" sounding but caught my attention. The guitar rifts are strong, the musical composition gets the listener in the right frame of mind. The lyrics are powerful. The composition is professional quality. They sound similar to the darkness they may be able to get A hit.”

The vocals are washed into the instrumentals and i can tell they are hard and heavy.I think the instrumentals have a different sound like something i haven't head before.I think its a cool style and enjoyable.”

“The introduction completely grabs me but only because it begins in such a strange manner, with the weird voice over. However the introduction does improve and become more tuneful. The vocals sound edgy and memorable. The lyrics are very easy to remember and pick up. I think this song will appeal to commercial listeners, so it should be successful."

“The robot in the beginning adds a futuristic feel.The guitars are great.The tone of the song is interesting.The artist voice is very clear and I understand what he is saying.The bridge is great and the tempo changes up quite a bit. That's good and keeps the listener from becoming bored.The way it changes up during the middle of the song adds a diatomic view to the song that makes it stand out.”

“Some good old fashion rock like you would hear in the 80's early 90's. Good guitar some good talent there. Lyrics are ok. I am very impressed with the guitar solos when a guitar is played well it can make a ok song even better.”

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Posted: 12 years 10 months ago by HollandRocks #15
Absolutely love Time!!
Posted: 12 years 10 months ago by sonic #16
Thanks, we love it too! :)
Posted: 12 years 9 months ago by RockRules #20
I love Time, good groove and cool riff, really good stuff guys, rock on! :D

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