New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Bleeding Romance

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New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Bleeding Romance 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes.

Bleeding Romance, new Obsidian Key's Prog Rock Metal promo song! Directly inspired by a classic of world's literature (Dracula - B.Stoker), we are pleased to present "Bleeding Romance" a Symphonic Progressive Rock Metal song from the forthcoming album "LOUD!" which features different voices and singers.

Special thanks goes to Eddy Deegan for his invaluable help with Logic Studio. Obsidian KeyPT9M26S

We hope you'll enjoy it as we did writing it and recording it!

Track Info:
 Bleeding Romance
 Obsidian Key
Executed by:
 Obsidian Key
 Progressive RockProgressive MetalSymphonicRock OperaArt RockFree Rock
From Album:

Here you can listen the track (and comment it if you have a soundcloud account!):

Featured voices/singers:

  • Sonic - The Vampire ;)
  • Gloria Harmonee - Mina
  • Tom Wright - Jonathan
  • Martin Kurgan - Van Helsing
  • Stef Coburn - Renfield

Crowd Reviews


“This track starts very slowly with an almost count Dracula styled theme. It then bursts into a powerful rock type theme. The guitar work is really good."

“I liked the classical feel at the start of this track. The piano plays a beautiful haunting solo in the minor key and definitely kept me listening. The track then develops into an heart stopping masterpiece! It gets more exciting when more instruments come involved. I didn't mind that there were a lack of lyrics at this point because I enjoyed the orchestra immensely. A highly skilled piece of music, one that deserves recognition. later you can hear a lovely operatic voice and its really sets the mood. This would be a good track for a musical and no wonder it is over nine minutes long, this song has a lot to offer!”

“The piano in the introduction of this song makes this song very inviting. I feel that it is composed in a minor tone which makes the song sound somewhat on the darker side. There is incorporation of an electric guitar and drums in the fist 60 seconds which I feel shows the true talent of this artist.He is able to use several different musical sounds in one song. I think that 9 and 1/2 minutes is way too long for this style of song and the vocals starting of with opera and then heavy metal rock is just a strange combination for this song. I would really recommend making this entire song about 6 minutes shorter.”

“Thought that how the piano was nice and slow at the beginning was a nice flow to the upbeat and faster part of the song. At song parts of the song could not really understand what the lyrics were. But what I did hear I thought that the lyric were ok. Thought that the harmony between the female and the male singer was good. Thought that they went perfect together. Also, thought how the song went got slower in the middle was a nice which up. The female and male solo was also a nice which up from the upbeat part before it. Thought that the showed their different ranges to their voices. Think that many people will enjoy this song a lot.”

“I like the way the piano drums and guitar go makes it sound exciting. creepy ghost voice is awesome.lyrics are pretty weird.but I love the rhythm. rest of the voice are weird to.has a good rock style.”

“Intro is engaging, I really enjoy the piano playing. Great transition to the electric guitar playing. Really speeds up the song and gets you more engaged to it. Instrumental accompaniment is well done and flows together almost perfectly. Nice to listen to and has a nice harmony and melody. I like the opera singing in the background. 2 minutes in is a little long before the vocals start though."

“The introduction makes you feel like the song is going to be scary - it sounds like it belongs in a horror film. When the rest of the instruments come in, the track starts to make more sense. The intro is still a little bit too long for my tastes, but for people who enjoy this type of thing it may be great. When the song starts to pick up tempo it gains a lot of interest.”

“Wow, this song is long. The piano starts this song off instrumentally very well. It is brooding and certainly keeps one on the edge of their seat. When the guitar and accompanying instrumentals kick in from there you know you're in for a wild ride. The rhythm and tune of the song is great, very powerful. The mix of the song is perfect and the production value sounds very high.I don't hear of any vocals or lyrics to speak of, but the grandeur of this song speaks for itself.Very operatic and glorious. Nevermind. The few vocals in this are fabulous!”

“The intro was really well thought out. Loved the crescendo. Instrumentals collaborated so well."

“The beginning piano to this piece is just poetic, and draws you in from the very start. And the band accompaniment was not expected but very appreciated as I am now in love with this band. The harmonic feel it brings just brings chills to my bones. It sounds like if Queen went grunge or something. I really like it.”

“The piano intro to this song in very rich and beautiful. I also like that it picks up and becomes heavier. The drumming and guitar ties in well with the other instruments. The whispering is eerie and also ties in well with the rest of the song.”

“This is a catchy song. The use of piano and bass make this song very emotional. The song uses very deep and electric sounds that are very enjoyable. The mixing of electric guitar and bass guitar are very enjoyable and overall this song is a very smart mix of rock and classical music. This song makes me nostalgic about the days when I worked on my family rice paddy with Uncle Cho, and how Uncle Cho and I would sing songs around the campfire and play music on our makeshift guitars.”

“slow start i like it a lot then you hear the guitars which spiked it up for the mood it sounded like music after the end of a scary movie and credits rolling, it wasn't too bad honestly.”

“The piano melody is dark and deep. With the entrance of the driving chords from the electric guitar the song gets even more dark and atmospheric tone. To be honest though, I got to respect the guitar solos, they sound very rich, varied and balanced with the other instrumental accompaniments. The vocal is angry, aggressive and dark, and thus fits perfectly into this atmosphere. This song is quality. However, I'm convinced that this isn't commercially attractive, and it will be only loved by a niche music fans.”

“The piano is sound is very gifted.I love the two different styles are in.I prefer the other instrumentals but i think they are both fantastic.The vocals are dark and heavy. The song is really long its good but to long for people today. I think this is a wonderful job.”

“The introduction to this song was dark and energetic. You could really feel power coming form the pianist. The dark energy really seemed to consume the first thirty seconds of this song. When the guitar player comes in at the :28 second point we can really feel him continue with the dark, energetic melody. The song is pretty long at 9.5 minutes. I think the group should consider shortening this song or cutting it into two different songs. With two tracks they could be consecutive on the CD.”

“Oh what a pretty nice beginning with the piano starting out playing a very pretty melody indeed. It is really nice to hear a good piano and a talented piano player. The electric guitar squawls out as well and sounds very nice and gracefully played. I like the beat and the rhythm of the masterpiece. The drums are also a good asset to this soft. The musical instruments are played very crafty and that is the best part of this song.”

“The rock style is propelled forward by trashy heavy drumbeat and distorted, heavy lead guitar. the drum fills are tight and professional, they sound good, as does the double bass pedal that provides bass drum kicks.”

“Wonderful contrast from beginning to the beginning.It fools you into thinking one way instead of another. Something that would be good for a Movie soundtrack. The vocals are great touch in the background.It is very Dark and Mysterious but not scary.I'm sure a live performance wouldn't disappoint.Reminds me of Marilyn Manson's sound.I would say they need better background voices to help the lead in his endeavor to take us on this Mysterious journey.”

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