Guess the musical influences and win an Obsidian Key's t-shirt!

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Guess the musical influences and win an Obsidian Key's t-shirt! 5.0 out of 5 based on 15 votes.

Time for a little contest, guess which guitarists inspired this short guitar solo from Sonic and you can win an original Obsidian Key t-shirt!The contest will end in 3 days from the publication date, so hurry up ;)To answer the contest is simple, go to this Obsidian Key Facebook post, watch the short video, use your amazing brain database of great Progressive Rock Metal bands and tell us which guitarists may have inspired the solo.Good luck and enjoy! :)
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Contest is over guys, thanks to everyone who have been part of it! Here's the results:

OK so guitar-solo influences contest officially ended now and, first of all let me say that all of you have been really amazing and really really well prepared, here is the answer: Alex Lifeson, Petrucci, Fredrik Ákesson, Al Di Meola, Steve Lukather. So the winners are: Itje Iser Owjee and Avril Sammet (according to who named most of them) both on facebook. Well done for Nick Weiland and James Howe. For who said Michael Shenker... you cheated LOL (Yeah I love Schenker so always put a little of his touch here and there as I am a huge , huge fan of the Mad Axe Man!). For who named Blackmore and Hendrix... guys there will always be a bit of Hendrix and Blackmore in every single rock solo on earth! ;)

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