LOUD! review on Metal Imperium Magazine

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For all our Portuguese speaking friends here there is a review of new album "LOUD!" in Portuguese from Metal Imperium Magazine Online! I have got lucky again and they gave LOUD! a 7 out of 10! Thanks very much to Mr. Fernando Ferreira for his time and review and to all the crew at Metal Imperium, enjoy the reading folks and does anyone can send me an English translation please?!?!? :)

Here is the review article.

Best Prog Radio 2014

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Do you have a radio or a podcast and do you like Obsidian Key music? Then this is something for you, we are organising "Best Radio 2014" for our music, of all the radio/podcasts who have played Obsidian Key music mostly during the year. Let us know if you still haven't got LOUD! album (we'll send you the album in 320Kbps, 24 bits MP3) and let us know every show/time you play Obsidian Key music, the first 5 radios/podcasts who played the most our music will win an original LOUD! CD from us plus free advertisement on our website and our social networks! :)

LOUD! Album released!

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Obsidian Key LOUD! 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, is with big pleasure that we announce that LOUD! is finally available for digital download world-wide!

From today you can grab your copy of LOUD! from your favorite digital music shop on-line.

Once again thanks to everyone who helped us to release our first album and, most of all, thanks to all of you who has been so supportive during all this time!


LOUD! Album officially entered final production stage!

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We are very happy to announce that "LOUD!", our debut album, has finally entered the last production stage and soon will be available for download from the major on-line music shops as well as for to buy physical CDs from our on-line shop and from other shops world-wide!

So, stay tuned! We are now working on the very last bits of this amazing dream becoming reality!

Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to all of you for your support over all this time.

With love, yours Obsidian Key.

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