Obsidian Key made 1 year of activity!

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Obsidian Key Prog Rock Metal music bandObsidian Key made 1 year of activity and I must say that it was an incredible year!

I decided to found Obsidian Key's project on january 2010 (actually it was new eve night when I toke the final decision!), but then personal problems came in and I had to stop working on this wonderful project till about 26 June 2010, so after a lot of work and building up Hyper-Sonic Records ( my Indie Studio) I finally started to work on O.K. debut album. Well one year is passed by and the numbers are absolutely IMPRESSIVE! All this thanks to you guys, I could never made all this without your help, without your support and without your love for the kind of music I love more.

Seeking Musicians to complete the line up!

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Do you like to play Prog Rock Metal? Then we're seeking for musicians to complete Obsidian Key's line upObsidian Key are currently seeking for a drummer, bassist and keyboard player in Brighton area, East Sussex, England UK.

If you play one of these instruments, you have got Progressive Rock Metal skills, you are NOT a beginner, you like Obsidian Key music (and Progressive Rock/Metal) and would like to join a successful Prog Rock Metal band band, please go to:

Obsidian Key Official Web Site and send us your bio and email address and possibly a link where we can listen your music and see a picture of you!

Please Note: ONLY residents in Brighton area, East Sussex, England UK, thanks a lot for your time!

New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Bleeding Romance

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Bleeding Romance, new Obsidian Key's Prog Rock Metal promo song! Directly inspired by a classic of world's literature (Dracula - B.Stoker), we are pleased to present "Bleeding Romance" a Symphonic Progressive Rock Metal song from the forthcoming album "LOUD!" which features different voices and singers.

Special thanks goes to Eddy Deegan for his invaluable help with Logic Studio. Obsidian KeyPT9M26S

We hope you'll enjoy it as we did writing it and recording it!

New Prog Rock Metal Promo song released - Time

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Time Cover Art (c) Obsidian Key
Last night, after a bit of troubles with various social networks music upload systems, we released a new promo from the forthcoming album "LOUD!" called Time, a funny surreal Progressive Rock song about time. We hope you'll enjoy it as we did recording it, keep on rocking! :)

Obsidian Key PT3M35S

First 6 months of Obsidian Key!

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After only 6 months of activity, Obsidian Key made 71057 visits on myspace page (25218 on obsidiankey.com), almost 13000 plays for Where Are You Now only on myspace, been on the very first positions on reverbnation charts for rock unsigned bands and more... but the best is yet to come! Thanks to everyone for your support and love, you really rocks! :)

Obsidian Key in brief:

Progressive Rock Metal music band project with wide range of sonorities that goes from Metal till Pop with Classical, Jazz Fusion and Symphonic influences all glued together by progressive rock structures and compositions.

 Obsidian Key
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